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In my 20’s I went on several short-term mission trips that had a profound impact on my life.  My heart was captivated by the sovereignty and grace of God as He demonstrated His powerful work in different parts of the world.  I witnessed true transformation in the lives of new Christian believers as they clung to the hope in God’s promises.  They gained a renewed understanding of their worth, freeing them to seek God’s calling, cultivate their talent and pursue their dreams.  Some of these dreams were business-centered, and I had the privilege of observing their entrepreneurial efforts during my time there.  Through these experiences, I realized business is a powerful tool to revitalize underserved communities.  Since then, God has ignited my imagination to view business as a conduit for God’s blessings. 

Now in my current line of work, I have the opportunity to manage investment portfolios that aim to empower underserved communities around the world.  This is the emerging market of “Impact Investing” which God has given me a front-row seat in.  There is some amazing work being done in this industry and I find myself inspired every day by the impact investors are making.  However, as a Christian I often find myself asking this question, "How does our belief in the Gospel shape the way we understand and approach Impact Investing?" Our perspectives around this question will influence our journey in Impact Investing.

I created this blog to start a dialogue around this question and to share my experiences in this field.  I hope to create more awareness on topics that sit at the intersection between our Christian faith and Impact Investing.  Can you imagine the powerful work God will orchestrate when impact investors seek after God's heart for local and global communities?  Nothing excites me more.

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Robert Kim

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